Benefits to Digital Recruiting

  • Costs and time to hire are greatly reduced because the audience can be targeted.
  • Digital applications are available at any time.
  • Companies have an opportunity to market their brand both on social media platforms, and on the application portal.
  • The strategy can be adapted along the way. The beauty of social media is that nothing is set in stone.
  • It is easier to measure and track the sources that applicants are using most.

With Smart Desk Applicant Tracking System,

users are set to benefit in the following ways.

Intuitive interface

Smart Deck features a user-friendly UI that makes the process as easy as possible for both recruiters and candidates. Your team will have a smooth experience when it comes to screening candidates,selecting the top talents and pushing job postings to free job boards and social media platforms.

Save time and money

Our ATS system makes your hiring process more efficient enabling your team to get the desired results more quickly without incurring unnecessary expenses. From providing simple search functionality to automated social sharing, managing email templates and increased workflow automation,Smart Deck eliminates most challenges that recruiters have faced in the past.

Customized recruiting workflows

Smart Deck is fully flexible and customizable to fit your performance process,no matter how nuanced. You tailor your applicant tracking process to meet your organizational needs and move candidates through each stage with ease. You can stay organized and focused by building custom workflows for each job vacancy.

No Duplicate Entry

Smart Deck prevents candidates already in the system from being added a second time. When a candidate's status changes, for instance 'to hired,' their information is transferred from the applicant management software into the HR system.

Team collaboration

Hiring is a team effort, and it's important to get all the relevant key players involved for a more strategic hiring process. With Smart Deck, multiple team members can collaborate with each other to plan, create and weigh on important hiring decisions from wherever they are, using a mobile device or desktop. Permissions enable administrators to control what collaborators can view and access.

Mobile friendly system

Smart Desk is cloud enabled and mobile friendly allowing users to access the system while on the go. As it supports smartphone and mobile access,candidates can learn more about your company culture and job openings on various devices. The platform is developed for both Android and IOS devices.

Measurable results

With this tool, recruiting companies can monitor the aspects that drive their social recruiting traffic and how jobs perform through an effective reporting and analytics dashboard.

Our ATS system comes with a suite of features that help put recruiting and hiring professionals in control and in the best position to make informed and data-driven hiring decisions every time. The Smart Deck ATS platform has the following components:

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The key to streamlining and managing the selection and hiring process is requisition management. Smart Deck's intuitive interface design is an easy and innovative means of tracking applicant flow and documenting recruitment sources for a particular job opening. When one level approves a posting, the next level is notified automatically via email making it easier for HR and hiring managers to collaborate and publish accurate job postings faster.

An integration of your career portal link into Smart Deck will enable you to automatically submit your published job postings on your portal directly from our platform. This means that your recruiting team can post any job seamlessly without leaving your ATS.

Applicant screening has never been so straightforward. With our video feature, candidates can sign onto the ATS platform at their convenience and record video responses to all questions that you've entered in the system. You can configure each question so that candidates have a varying number of opportunities to re-record before submitting. The feature also offers branding and customization features, such as the option of showing prospects a welcoming video and providing them with information about the job and company.

Smart Deck provides you with useful tools to enable efficient tracking of applicants from your candidate database so you are able to shortlist, engage and hire the right candidate. With the resume parsing feature, recruiters can parse multiple resumes, transfer candidate information directly into the candidate/client database, and format CVs to best represent their brand.Custom Career Website You can create an engaging candidate experience with Smart Desk's fully-hosted careers pages that are designed to seamlessly fit into your corporate site and provide an elegant interface into your open jobs.

Easy Integrations

Social media integration

Use the integrated social media feature to share your job descriptions and increase brand awareness with your pre-established social media presence. Integrations with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn make it easy to source applicants from your online social network. You can easily distribute jobs, globally, across all the main media social networks and track applicants' profiles and status updates.

Popular job boards

Use Smart Deck to post to popular job boards and let your job vacancies get the reach they deserve. Your recruiting teams can publish job openings on a multitude of job boards at the same time with just a single click. This way, companies can gain more exposure to a broader range of highly qualified candidates with minimal effort.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Recruiters can parse resumes, publish hotlist for top talents, create and post Jobs in Smart Desk from Outlook with a click.


Our e-boarding feature eliminates paperwork, redundancy and helps enhance the overall employee experience. The paperless software solution automates onboarding tasks and allows new hires to use electronic signatures to speed up the onboarding process, increase security, accuracy and legibility while streamlining HR processes. The Smart Desk onboarding program enables employers to share the following with new hires:

  • Welcome messages
  • Company vision, mission statement and values
  • Employee handbook and company policies
  • Benefits enrollment, direct deposit and tax forms
  • Training programs
  • Candidate experience survey
  • Company events and holiday calendar


From the main dashboard of Smart Desk, you can view and manage everything that is happening in real time. From recruiter productivity reports to vendor reports and hiring manager activity reports, users can find detailed performance metrics of all recruiting teams across all areas.

Activity report

Our intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive audit trail of each hiring team's activity. It's an easy way for management to measure individual performances of their recruiters and determine their progress.

Partner Network

You want to ensure you are developing and managing all your clients and vendor information effectively. Vendor and client management allows you to categorize similar partners together for convenience and easier communication.

Talent Communities

This an innovative way of pooling job seekers and creating strong candidate networks that align with a company's brand. Candidates are automatically notified of new job postings that align with their expressed interests. With Smart Deck, recruiters can create smaller networks known as 'hot lists' from within the applicant pool that allow you to group candidates based on a variety of customizable criteria such as skills, status, and interest level.

From excellent customer service to helpful training, Smart Deck provides answers every step of the way. We are committed to keeping our clients ahead of the curve by ensuring they get the most out of our service. Discover the power of Smart Deck today!

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