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How to Find the World’s Best Tech Talent

There’s a tech talent shortage in the United States, and it’s a bigger problem than you might think. Sixty-five percent of technology leaders say that recruitment challenges are hurting the industry, and job candidates with experience in data security and cloud computing are hard to find. What gives? If you’re looking for the industry’s top tech talent, a conventional job advert probably won’t cut it. Here are three ways to find the best talent in your niche.

  1. Use Social MediaNinety-two percent of recruiters already use social media to find high-quality job candidates, according to one study. Now you can use websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to discover the best tech staff for your organization. Optimize your quest for job candidates by using hashtags in your niche. If you work in managed services, for example, tags like #managedservicesprofessional will help you find employees who add real value to your company.”A candidate’s digital presence serves to supplement a resume, but that’s just the beginning of how social media can reshape your hiring plan,” says the Forbes Agency Council. “Social platforms essentially facilitate conversations, be it between individuals or brands and consumers.”
  1. Improve Your Digital MarketingInstead of looking for the best tech talent, why not have the industry’s most qualified candidates come to you? You can do this by establishing your tech company with digital marketing. Investing in marketing methods like search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing might require an initial outlay, but it should provide you with a long-term return. This is because more candidates will find you online and want to work for your organization.Thirty percent of all Google searches relate to employment. Targeting online users who have the experience and qualifications you need, therefore, will improve talent acquisition and onboarding. In fact, making some simple changes to your website will improve your digital presence so you can target more potential candidates.
  1. Use Smart Deck SolutionsDigital recruitment and IT services platform Smart Deck Solutions makes it easier for you to find the industry’s best tech talent in one place. As a result, you don’t have to waste time posting job ads online and waiting for potential candidates to contact you.It works like this: Smart Deck draws from a massive database of more than 100,000 pre-vetted job candidates and uses the latest algorithms to filter these candidates and find the best person for your team. It’s as simple as that. As a result, you can find top tech talent with a few clicks of a mouse.

    “Through meaningful data, comprehensive screenings and evaluations of the candidates we present to you, we will help you land top-tier talent for your open positions,” says Smart Deck. “We are dedicated and experienced recruiters who understand the industry inside and out.”

    Due to the current tech talent shortage, it’s getting harder to find job candidates with the experience and qualifications you need. There is a solution, however. Using social media, improving your digital marketing, and investing in a digital platform like Smart Deck Solutions will facilitate your recruitment process and help you find the perfect person for your organization.

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