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Resume Tricks 2020

Tips and Tricks to Help Your Resume Stand Out in 2020 by Brooke Rosin

With all of the twists and turns 2020 has thrown our way, many of us are left searching for a job and trying to get noticed by the recruiting manager. Here is a short list of some simple tweaks to add to your resume that are sure to help you score that interview.

  1. Optimize key words. It’s always important you are showcasing your top skills when trying to get the attention of the recruiter. Try to highlight your areas of expertise with words that emphasize your role in the organization.
    • Instead of “Used Twitter to community with audience” try “Managed social media platforms while utilizing various analytic tools to ensure engagement and reach.”
  2. Include numeric measuring examples. An easy way to show you are a good candidate for the role is by providing actual measurable successes. Whether it’s a % increase of followers and engagement, or cost reduction you managed for your company, adding in these values make it clear you are having an impact.
    • “Increased following by 73% within a 4-month period.”
  3. Research the job. When applying to a job, they often times will put the preferred skills and qualities they’re looking for in the candidate. Don’t be afraid to have one or more versions of your resume on hand to ensure you are highlighting the right skills for the specific job.
  4. Add an “About Me” section. Some job fields prefer this, and some don’t. Often times adding something as simple as a short section exclaiming the type of employee you are with a brief idea of your personality traits can make a resume. By adding this personal touch, the recruiter is able to get an idea if you would be fit for the job.
    • “Self-motivated, goal oriented, and passionate individual determined to utilize my skills that I have acquired over years of experience to help my company grow.”
  5. List out your top skills or certifications. To avoid your recruiter having to search through your resume to find out your skills, have a small section off to the side that includes any possible certifications or higher qualifications that are significant to the job.
    • “Proficient in Google Analytics and Hootsuite” or “Certification awarded in Java Basics”.

Pro tip: Depending on your field, it is often times beneficial to seek out recruiters or those within the team you are trying to board via LinkedIn to create an introduction for yourself and find out more about the role.

Happy searching!

Brooke Rosin