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Work from Home – The Good and The Bad

Work from home is an ideal situation to work that many people crave for. Sitting at the comfort of your home and having all the amenities makes working fun. But, many-a-times, jobs from home are believed to deliver less desired results which may not be appreciated by the superiors. However, statistics by Stanford suggest that work from home increases performance by 13% and productivity by 77%.

The primary job search profile that the majority are looking for today include how to make money from home and part time work from home. In times like now, work from home is the unmatched profile that masses are looking for.

Work from home comes with some of the advantages and disadvantages. Before setting up the home based jobs office, it is a must to plan the future course of action and the pre-requisites thoroughly as well.

Pros of Work From Home

Work from home offers unmatched and uncanny benefits like:

  • Flexibility and comfortability
    The time flexibility that one gets while working from home is high. And if it is a part time work from home and the time flexibility increases and chances to sneak in other tasks in between also enhances. At the same time, work from home one can stay in PJs or joggers, as one prefers while having comfortability.
  • Customized work environment
    Working in an intimate and formal environment is not liked by all. One can create an atmosphere of choice, and creativity can be embedded in it. A soothing environment as per preference is more advisable and preferable while working.
  • No need to commute
    Say bye to the traffic and the crowd everywhere. While you earn money from home, there is no need to travel in the crowded and busy streets and meet with the pollution every day. It saves both time and money.
  • Reduced Stress level With higher Autonomy
    Remote working reduces the stress by stimulating the positivity due to the environment. Also, when one works from home, productivity, and positivity both increase. With greater autonomy, unlike others, the ability to make decisions on own and responsibility increases.
  • Better work-life balance
    The hardest part of life is to maintain a work-life balance. While you make money from home, the work-life balance is improved a lot. Also, the jobs from home offer better health and fresh meals necessary for the body.

Cons of Work From Home

Like the two sides of the coin, work from home has some cons like:

  • High Distractions leading to reduced productivity
    The work from home is not free from distractions. Every minute one or the other thing happens in the house, and it is obvious to get distracted, and this can result in reduced productivity.
  • The probability of missing important calls
    While the jobs from home are fun, the chances of missing important calls are also high. In case the phone is left unattended, important calls, messages, or meetings can be overlooked that might lead to a loss. It can affect collaborations, as well.
  • Reputation at stake
    It is an annoying factor that work from home employees usually suffer from. No matter how hard and diligently they do, the chances of getting a reputation as a lousy employee are still there.
  • No one to monitor
    Whether you take a power nap or are working slow, there is no one to monitor. The part time work from home is successful only when the inner willingness to work at high speed is prevalent. Also, with no human contact work can tun to boredom as well.
  • Infrastructure issues
    The basic and pre-requisite of setting up an office for jobs from home are many. With high-speed WiFi and laptop, there are other needs as well. In case of lacking anyone, the work can be negatively affected.

To wind up

The work from home is a concept that is prevalent for quite a time. But recently, it has caught the eye of the masses and is now adopted by many.
With this, staying cheerful and diligent while one indulge in part time work from home can result in a more significant impact on wellbeing and happiness.

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