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Besides keeping a tab on your business objectives

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We ensure that our supplied candidates perform

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Solutions we offer


Ready for Cloud? Let us help you migrate, consolidate, manage and monitor your most critical cloud applications. Smart Deck Solutions is designed to optimize the design and build phase of your cloud. Smart Deck cloud services help enterprises enhance their customer experience, ultimately accelerating business outcomes. Cloud application migration and modernization has become imperative to support dynamic business demands, and large-scale multi-geography projects. Smart Deck is currently helping customers optimize, scale, manage and outsource IT resources to improve their bottom line. In essence, Smart Deck Solutions strives to simplify the
Processes by modernizing applications and enabling cognitive intelligence to meet our customers’ business needs.

Smart Deck partners with best of breed products such as Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and a host of ecosystem partners to provide cutting-edge solutions.
The solution empowers you to make the right investments in an incremental manner with predictable outcomes in your Cloud journey.

Cloud-based storage solutions are extremely popular, providing a reliable way for companies to backup data, organize files in a central system and allow all employees to access necessary information from any device at any time. For those who are used to a traditional file system, transitioning to the cloud may seem like a significant commitment, but our resources ensure the transition is fast, easy, and effective.

If you would like an easier approach to information management that can increase both accessibility and security, we can provide the assistance necessary. Our experts can guide you through the process by establishing cloud-based servers, moving your files, and ensuring a stable, safe system through which you can access files and applications. No matter the size of your business or your storage requirements, Smart Deck Solutions will find the right approach for your needs.


An increasing number of people use a phone or tablet as their primary way to interact with
websites. You can't slap together a mobile site as an afterthought and expect to be successful:

Mobile should be a first-class citizen from the start.

The Mobile market is dynamic, with new and innovative solutions regularly defining the ways in
which businesses operate.

Despite the excitement of faster, safer, and more efficient ways to Manage and publish
content, it can often be a challenge for small businesses to keep up.

If you're struggling to develop such apps and features that meet your needs without sacrificing your budget, our team at Smart Deck is here to work for you.

As industry experts in small to mid-sized business resources, we're happy to help companies of all kinds identify, utilize, and implement strategies that facilitate growth and development,
Smart Deck have the capabilities to support businesses across multiple platforms.

When you need help finding flexible opportunities that make day-to- day operations easier,
we're here and we're ready to help. Contact Smart Deck today to explore what we can do for you.

IT Services

We realize that finding adaptable technology resources that can grow and change with the ever-evolving pace of your business isn't easy. That's why we're willing to work with you, offering customized support tailored to the size, scale, and caliber of your operations.

We know that not all companies require the same services, and we want to help identify and implement the solutions that are best for you.

Instead of a one-size- fits-all approach, we favor a personalized opportunity to help your
business shine. That's why we're always here to help with your questions, concerns, and unique needs.

From POC, Development and training to Go-Live, we can support your business objectives, no matter what you hope to achieve.

Ready to see for yourself why we're the right fit for your company? Contact us today to set up a consultation!


Sometimes, the software solutions available on the market aren't quite right for your company.

They might be too expensive, or offer features far in excess of what your business needs.

Maybe they don't quite meet the parameters of the services you require, or would entail a
costly transition you're not in a position to make. Whatever the reason, custom software
becomes a need many businesses face in time.

Acquiring adequate technological support for a business is a big ordeal, especially for new
startups or small businesses with limited access to resources. In some cases, attempting to keep
costs low means sacrificing functionality, or settling for less-than- perfect opportunities that can actually cost more over time.

If you have technology needs that cannot be met by off-the- shelf products, our team at smart
deck is prepared to work with you, guiding the development of custom software solutions specific to your business. From analytics dashboards to data organization, our team can design, create, and execute software that will allow your business to streamline operations and enhance performance. With our help, you can bring your concepts from imagination to reality.

Our mission is to find flexible, affordable, and up-to- date options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether it's your first month in operation or you're looking for a scalable way to expand internationally, we can help you create a solution that fits your industry, company, and vision. From simple storage to custom-built software, we will work with you to find the right fit.


E-commerce is a rapidly growing subset of the retail market, and limiting yourself to a brick and mortar storefront can put you behind the competition. However, despite the simplicity in the
concept of selling your inventory online, implementing an effective strategy is often easier said than done.

If e-commerce is on the agenda and you want to ensure you launch a site that will attract your
target audience, rank well in search engine results, and provide a clean, seamless interface, we
can provide the tools you need to succeed. As a provider for several of the top e-commerce
platforms, Smart Deck can help you create an online shopping experience that advertises both
your products and your brand. When you want to develop a strategic approach centered around your unique corporate objectives, Smart Deck is here to assist you, every step of the

Here is what we can do if you already have an ecommerce site but want better results, our folks
at smart deck can help,. We can dig into your current site.


o Usability. We analyze the site’s user experience, navigation, overall architecture, look and feel, readability, calls to action, conversion, customer engagement and retention metrics. Read more about our web usability analysis.

o Performance. We evaluate the site’s ecommerce security, checkout process, landing page download times, and browser compatibility

o Landing Pages. We review the site’s entry pages in terms of conversion, stickiness, usability, navigation and general performance and also pay special attention to your homepage

o Internet Marketing. We assess your paid and organic search engine efforts and their results, and we review your content’s effectiveness in terms of SEO tagging and keywords.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your ideas into reality. Our platform is trendy, polished & user-friendly designed with a creative use of the latest digital technologies to help to fulfil all your requirements with ease.
Welcome to the new era of digital recruitment marketing. Smart Deck is an excellent social recruiting platform as it offers the simplest and most efficient way to hire the best available talents. For prospective growth of both recruiters and candidates, we take care of the entire hiring process.

We offer all the digital solutions that you require. Whether it be cloud related, mobile or tablet related, we are a one stop shop for all your needs.The kernel to success is to provide you with a smooth customer experience with remarkable professionalism.

Our Vision

Smart Deck is an advanced Digital Recruitment & Information Technology (I.T.) Services platform that emphasizes in the improvement of the society. Our platform is cleaner and simpler than all our competitors. Our team consist of people with different technological backgrounds which serve toward the prosperity of the company.

Case Management Software
Smart Deck Solutions has created a composite case management software which customizes the requirements for any case and fetches its appropriate results.

Collaboration Tool
For any technological based requirements your business may need, Smart Deck Solution’s digital platform offers you the most updated tools & systems.

Cool Products under build

CaseManagement Software

Smart Deck has created a composite Case management software which customize the requirements and fetches the appropriate results.


For every Technological based requirements SMART DECK digital platform offers you the most updated tools & systems.